Mini gastric bypass procedure and calculation of ideal biliopancreatic limb length


  • Hasan ergenç hasan_ergenc
  • Erkan Aksoy
  • Zeynep Ergenç
  • Kerim Güzel
  • Feyzi Gökosmanoğlu


Anahtar Kelimeler:

One anastomosis or mini-gastric bypass, Small bowel measurement, Ideal biliopancreatic limb length



Objective: Excessive weight loss, malnutrition, and protein malnutrition are considered serious problems in the One Anastomosis or Mini Gastric Bypass (OA-MGB) Procedure. The purpose of the present study was to show whether the Ideal BPL calculated over this length by measuring the length of the small intestine can be a solution to these problems in the 180-200 cm standard BPL.

Methods: A total of 1267 patients who were treated with the OA-MGB method in obesity management were included in the study. The patients were divided into two groups and the length of the small intestine was calculated. One-third of the small intestine was determined as Ideal BPL (Group 1, n=667). Those with BPL 180-200 cm as standard formed group 2 (n=600) without taking into account the length of the small intestine. The patients were followed for 3.4±1.6 years in the study. Weight loss, micronutrients, protein and electrolyte values, clinical and laboratory results, and complications were analyzed in the patients.

Results: In the present study, diarrhea, constipation, malodorous and greasy stool, excessive weight loss, dumping, and protein malnutrition scores were found to be statistically higher in the standard BPL group. The postoperative laboratory markers were statistically significantly higher in the Ideal BPL group than in the standard BPL group (p<0.05) and secondary elevation of parathormone was higher in the standard BPL group.

Conclusion: As a result of the study, nutritional deficiency and protein malnutrition detected in the OA-MGB procedure were not observed in the Ideal BPL group. The study also found that the Ideal BPL length was superior to standard BPL with fewer micronutrient, electrolyte, and protein deficiencies when providing similar weight loss and metabolic remission results.

Keywords: One anastomosis or mini-gastric bypass; Small bowel measurement; Ideal biliopancreatic limb length.


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Nasıl Atıf Yapılır

ergenç, H., Aksoy, E., Ergenç, Z., Güzel, K., & Gökosmanoğlu, F. (2023). THE CALCULATION OF IDEAL BILIOPANCREATIC LIMB LENGTH IN ONE ANASTOMOSIS OR MINI-GASTRIC BYPASS PROCEDURE: Mini gastric bypass procedure and calculation of ideal biliopancreatic limb length. Journal on Mathematic, Engineering and Natural Sciences (EJONS), 7(3), 454–466.