İnvestigation of Coating Properties of Composite Materials Manufactured by Pultrusion Method and Coating of Ceramic Materials with Flame Spray Coating Method




Pultrusion, Composite materials, Flame spray coating, Coaiting properties


In this study, the coating properties of composite materials manufactured by pultrusion method were examined in Cr2O3 +TiO2 coating with flame spray coating method. The pultrusion process is an automatic process that enables the production of high fiber volume continuous profiles with a constant cross section, requires little labor and produces minimum waste material. Continuous glass fiber and polyester resin were used as matrix material in the production of composite plate profiles, which were manufactured by the pultrusion method to be coated. The samples to be coated were prepared by cutting the profiles on a planer with the help of a diamond disc saw. Coating of Cr2O3 +TiO2 ceramic powders was carried out on plate-shaped composite materials using the flame spray coating method. In order to examine the coating quality of the coated materials, samples in accordance with the standards were prepared and experiments were carried out to determine microstructure examinations, hardness measurements, surface roughness measurements and adhesion strength values. The samples for microstructure examination and hardness measurement were taken in bakelite and their surfaces were polished in a sanding-polishing device. Microstructural examinations of the samples were carried out using optical and SEM microscopes. Measurements of porosity amounts of the coatings were made with the Clemex image analysis program on the optical microscope. Microhardness values ​​of the coatings were measured on a microhardness measuring device. The adhesion strength of the samples was determined in the tensile test device according to ASTM C-63 standard. It was determined that the hardness on the coating surfaces of the coated composite materials was 778 HV, the porosity amount was 10%, the surface roughness value was 2.113 µm and the adhesion strength was 16.3 MPa.


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